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G'day all! As we near the release of Doom (2016), which is just a week from now, I have been working hard to put the finishing touches on my version of the Super Shotgun Launcher (SSGL). SSGL is a cross-platform, modern app, built on top of Angular and NW.js which enables you to easily manage your WADs, PK3s, and playlists for classic Doom.

It supports zDoom, gzDoom, DoomRPG, Doom64EX and Zandronum, as well as Oblige, which is an awesome tool that can randomly generate (sensible) maps. You can create ordered lists of WADs/PK3s, and save them for quick access. It will also grab screenshots for (most) WADs based on their MD5 checksum, from

You can download 32/64-bit versions of the Windows/Linux (and soon, Mac) application right here:

Download SSGL Retro (Windows/Linux Releases)

This is one of the first times that I've had a chance to play with Angular and NW.js, but it is all thanks to FreaK Zero who originally wrote this utility. Thankfully, he built most of it before I even found it, but after I did (and it was the perfect solution to what I was looking for), I noticed that it had the default Angular Material style.

Being able to sling CSS like a champ, and always keen to learn more, I soon took to action and started re-skinning the app to resemble the Doom of old, and I think it looks great, if I may say so myself! I'd encourage everyone who can use it, to give it a try. If you'd like to contribute back, you can find the source on Github:

Source Code on Github

Download SSGL Retro (Windows/Linux Releases)

Discuss on the Doomworld forum thread

Check out a video demonstration:

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it if you use it.

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