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~ $>  Gameboy DMG-01 Backlight Mod with Bivert Chip (full article)

This was a challenging project due to the most precision soldering that I've had to do yet. Everything turned out great on the first shot, which I didn't really expect!

Details of this mod include:

  • Clear DMG-01 case
  • White LED backlight (w/resistor)
  • Bivert Chip (vastly improves contrast)
  • Blue power LED swap
  • Original Play It Loud screen bezel
  • Grey NES-style D-pad and buttons

Most of the parts were obtained from Handheld Legend -- I also repaired dead pixel lines by running a bit of solder across the screen and ribbon cable.

Overall, it was a blast to build, and such an awesomely unique thing to hold in me hands.

Project Gallery:

Gameboy DMG-01 Backlight Mod with Bivert Chip
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