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~ $>  8-bit Android Arcade Bootanimation (full article)

Android allows for custom boot animations if you're running a ROM that's rooted. I've created an 8-bit, old-school arcade inspired animation which attempts to bring back some nostalgia :)

» Preview w/sound on YouTube

The sound sample is from "The Scene Is Dead" by Dubmood.

It's offered in two versions, one with scanlines, and one without. Note that there are also different sizes/resolutions to choose from as well. Here's a quick list so you know which one to get (pick the one closest to your native screen resolution):

  • mdpi = 270 x 480
  • hdpi = 450 x 800
  • xhdpi = 720 x 1280
  • xxhdpi = 1080 x 1920
  • xxxhdpi = 1440 x 2560

The .zip files that you download are not to be used directly! Simply extract the '' from the downloaded .zip, and place it in your appropriate folder (often /data/local; /system/media; or ask your ROM dev if you do not know).

» Download it below!

*BONUS* » Download the boot sound:
(Note that this might not work with all ROMs - see your ROM dev for more info)